From the Pastor’s Desk.

Dear St. Isidore Family,

This week, the Church celebrates a very important feast day, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  This feast day was picked many years ago as the patronal feast day for the United States, and it also happens to be the patronal feast day for our church in Blanchardville.  Since it is a Holy Day of Obligation, there will be three opportunities for everyone to fulfill this obligation.  The Vigil Mass will be celebrated during the regular Tuesday night Mass in Argyle at 4:00 pm, and it will be followed by a Holy Hour of Adoration and Confession, like all Tuesdays during Advent.  On Wednesday, we will have the regular 8:00 am Mass in Blanchardville, as well as a 7:00 pm Mass in Hollandale.  Please make sure to join us for one of these Masses or check local parishes for other times if these do not work for you.

Some people ask, why does the Church say we are required to attend Mass on certain days?  We should start with the Ten Commandments; the Third Commandment tells us to “keep holy the Sabbath day,” which for Christians is Sunday.  Then there is the Code of Canon Law, the law that all Catholics are bound to follow, which states that every Sunday is a Holy Day of Obligation, as well as six other days in the United States (Canons 1246-7).  To miss Mass on any Holy Day of Obligation, including any Sunday, is a serious (mortal) sin, unless there is a valid reason (dispensation).  Why these days?  As the Catechism explains (paragraphs 2180-5), these days have been set aside for us from the beginning of Christianity to focus on God and to rest from other non-necessary work.  The important thing is to always think of attending Mass as the great gift that it is, not just as a duty or obligation.  When we start thinking of it as something we “have to do” rather than something we are blessed to be able to do is when we get in trouble.  That change in mentality can only come when we realize how infinitely blessed we are by God and understand that we should always do our best to return that blessing back to God in the form of prayer and worship.  When we understand this, then we understand that Mass is the greatest moment of the day!

God Bless, and please know you are in my prayers,

Fr. Michael