From the Pastor’s Desk.

Thank you to St. Isidore’s Parish Council and the members of the planning committee for the event. The Mass was truly grand and beautiful and such a solemn liturgy. The banquet was exquisitely decorated, the food was delicious and the program was well-planned and entertaining.


What a day in St. Isidore’s Parish on June 6, 2021. To be honest with you, the team and you all have done an absolute amazing job towards my jubilee. Working together isn’t that easy, but you all coordinated and worked it out effortlessly, and you made it very grand. You really have gone above and beyond. It is a wonderful memory I will hold on to forever. Special thanks to St. Isidore staff.


I have never had a celebration like this before, and it truly is a special honor celebrating my           25 years of priestly ministry. I am so VERY appreciative for all the time and effort that was involved in making my 25th Anniversary an event and memory that I will always treasure. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each and every one of you. My personal appreciation to all the invited guests for coming. Many of them traveled from great distances, and I am very honored that they took the time to come. Thanks to all those who were involved, played an important role in the church as well as the reception hall. God bless you all.

Have your way in me, O’ Lord.                                    Fr. Paul