From the Pastor’s Desk.

As we continue our journey this season, on this third Sunday of Lent, we celebrate Christ the fullness of the Law and the wisdom of God. Today, the church calls us to re-dedicate ourselves to Christ. This is because He is the fulfillment of God’s commandment.

In our first reading from Exodus, God gave the Law to Moses for Israel. The Law was given to Israel to help them become wiser. It was also given to them in order to strengthen their relationship with God and to help them organize their social and religious life.

Hence, the commandments of God are meant to form us into a sacred community. That is, a community rooted in the genuine worship of God. A community that lives in justice and peace with one another. Therefore, we are to live as neighbors, respecting one another. The ultimate and remote purpose of this is also to know, respect and worship God, our creator. In today’s gospel, John narrates Jesus’ encounter with those profaning God’s Sanctuary. Instead of representing God’s interest, they represented their selfish economic and social interests. It also distinguishes Him from temple pilgrims who simply visited the temple without real devotion to God.

We must keep it holy and respect it. Also, it reminds us that our body and the body of Christ is the Temple of God. So, we must not defile it.

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