Our pastor is Reverend Paul Eurva who has served us since 2017.

About us


We are a New Parish just created in 2014.  We were formed from three Parishes and one mission church, St Patrick in Hollandale, Immaculate Conception in Blanchardville, St Joseph in Argyle, St Michael Mission Church near the Yellowstone State Park all in Wisconsin.  We picked the name of St Isidore because he is the patron of farmers and we have a farming community.  But that is not all we are here.  We have bussinessmen and women, artists, teachers, and so many others that call this area home.  Mostly we are a faith based community that support each other with love, understanding and forgiveness.  We strive to help families and their children grow up to become responsible citizens that give back to the community and the world.


Our parish is in Madison Diocese (http://madisondiocese.org) whose Bishop is, His Eminence The Most Reverend Bishop Donald J. Hying. Our pastor is Reverend Paul Eurva who has served us since 2017. We are looking forward to the future of serving Christ together and spreading the good news of the bible and Catholic Tradition in this area.  Raising and teaching a new generation the great gift of serving God and his church, as his children.  Please come and visit us and you too can enjoy the riches we have in this area. 







 Reconciliation:  is available:@

  Immaculate Conception, Blanchardville-Saturdays : 3:30-3:45


  St. Joseph, Argyle, Tuesday : 3:30-3:45 (unless there is no 4pm Mass)


  St. Patrick, Hollandale, Saturday after Mass

Also available anytime upon request Just call 967-2344


   Baptism: Please call Father Paul to set a date.


   Marriage: Requests need to be made 6 months prior to wedding     



  Anointing of the sick: Call Father Paul anytime

  Confirmation: Call us for class times

St. John Vianney

In 1805, John Vianney entered a seminary at the age, 19. After several months of study, he was still not prepared to attend lectures in Latin He went to live with a friend who was a priest who tutored him. This priest persuaded the bishop to ordain John not for his learning but for his holiness. After a few years, John was assigned to Ars, a village of about 50 families in France The people were careless about practicing their faith, so they were not happy with this priest who was eager to draw them back to God and Christian living. Some caused trouble by lying about John by acting violently against him and by refusing to cooperate with him. They hoped that he would give up and leave. Father Vianney increased his prayers, fasting and penances. Gradually, people came to celebrate the sacraments and listen to his homilies. Father Vianney was spending 10-15 hours a day in the confessional. People from all over France and other countries came to consult him. Father Vianney just continued his hard, yet simple, way of prayer, fasting and penance. He was strict with his parishioners but a hundred times more strict with himself. John gave away everything that the neighbors brought him. He died at the age 73. John was canonized in 1925 and is the patron of Parish Priests