The 29th Ordinary Sunday

         October 18, 2020



  If you are new to our parish or just visiting, 

 Reconciliation:  is available:

 Immaculate Conception, Blanchardville

     Saturdays : 3:30-3:45

St. Joseph, Argyle

     Tuesday : 3:30-3:45

     (unless there is no 4pm Mass)

St. Patrick, Hollandale

      Saturday after Mass

Also available anytime upon request Just call 608-967-2344


     Rev. Paul Eruva



Parish Office


     PO Box 37

     Hollandale, WI 53544


Parish Bookkeeper

     Lisa Sikora

     (608) 523-4071


Bulletin Announcements

     Due by Tuesday Evening

     Send to

Getting married:  Please contact Father 6 months before your date.

New baby:  Please call to schedule  the baptism

In case of serious illness or imminent death

Call Father Paul any time. 608-967-2344

Parish Membership:  To join  our parishes please contact Father Paul

Parishioners are reminded to use hand sanitizer before going into church and follow social distancing guidelines.

Daily Mass Schedule

(A) Argyle  (B) Blanchardville  (H) Hollandale


Sunday, October 18

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

     8:15 am – Argyle

            Wayne Collins

     10:30 am – Hollandale



Monday, October 19

St John de Brebeuf, St Isaac Jogues

     No Mass Today

Tuesday, October 20

St Paul of the Cross, Priest

     No Mass Today


Wednesday, October 21

     No Mass Today


Thursday, October 22

St John Paul II, Pope

     8:00 am – Hollandale

            Bernie Koch    


Friday, October 23

St John of Capistrano, Priest

     8:00 am – Hollandale

             Larry Dammen

Saturday, October 24

St Anthony Mary Claret, Bishop

     4:00 pm – Blanchardville

            Ron Anderson


Sunday, October 25

 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

     8:15 am – Argyle

            Cristine Anderson

     10:30 am – Hollandale

             Geraldine Murphy

Reading For  Oct 18th

Isaiah 25:6-10a

Philippians 4:121-14

Matthew 22:1-14

Reading For  Oct 25th

Exodus 22:20-26

1 Thessalonians 1:5c-10

Matthew 22:34-40

Saint Michael Prayer

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly hosts, by the power of God, cast into hell Satan, and all the evil spirits, who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

St. Joseph's recently renovated signage:

Donation made in memory of Delores & Milford Gabioud


Saints of the Church

St. John Of Capistrano, Priest

St. John was born at Capistrano, Italy in 1385, the son of a former German knight in that city. He studied law at the University of Perugia and practiced as a lawyer in the courts of Naples. King Ladislas of Naples appointed him governor of Perugia. During a war with a neighboring town he was betrayed and imprisoned. Upon his release he entered the Franciscan community at Perugia in 1416. He and St. James of the March were fellow students under St. Bernardine of Siena, who inspired him to institute the devotion to the holy Name of Jesus and His Mother. John began his brilliant preaching apostolate with a deacon in 1420. After his ordination he traveled throughout Italy, Germany, Bohemia, Austria, Hungary, Poland, and Russia preaching penance and establishing numerous communities of Franciscan renewal. When Mohammed II was threatening Vienna and Rome, St. John, at the age of seventy, was commissioned by Pope Callistus III to preach and lead a crusade against the invading Turks. Marching at the head of seventy thousand Christians, he gained victory in the great battle of Belgrade against the Turks in 1456. Three months later he died at Illok, Hungary. His feast day is October 23. He is the patron of jurists.

Saint Hedwig’s Story

Rarely do humans realize the possibilities of the wise use of earthly power and worldly wealth. Saint Hedwig was one of the few. Born to nobility toward the close of the 12th century, she was married at an early age to Henry, Duke of Silesia (now Poland). Through her persuasion and personal efforts, several monastic institutions of both men and women were established in Silesia. Several hospitals, one for lepers, were likewise founded. She was personally a great force in establishing peace in the surrounding areas during power struggles. To her great sorrow, she was unable to prevent a pitched battle between the forces of two of her sons, one of whom was dissatisfied over the partition of estates that Henry had made between them. After she and her husband had made mutual vows of celibacy, she lived mostly at the monastery at Trebnitz where, although not a formal member of the religious institute, she nevertheless participated in the religious exercises of the community. She died in 1243 and was buried at Trebnitz. Reflection: Whatever possessions we have are not for our own needs or personal comfort alone; they are also to be used in assisting others. Use of these goods should always promote, never impede, progress in God’s love. It is true that earthly things in no way contradict God’s love, but rather are evident of it.

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