17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

July 25, 2021

Daily Mass Schedule

(A) Argyle  (B) Blanchardville  (H) Hollandale

Friday,       July-24-

                  8.00 am (H)Margaret Esch


Saturday,  July-25- St. James, the Apostle


                    4.00PM (B) Seade Norton

Sunday, July-26– Seventeenth Sunday in the Ordinary time

                     8.15 (A) Dean Flannery

                     10.30(H) Bernie Koch

Monday, July 26th

Saints Joachim and Anne, Parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary    

     No Mass


Tuesday, July 27th

     4:00 pm - Argyle

         Lee Zurfluh


Wednesday, July 28th

     8:00 am – Blanchardville

         Wally Thurow


Thursday, July 29th

Saint Martha

     8:00 am – Hollandale

         Kirk U’Ren Family


Friday, July 30th

     8:00 am – Hollandale

         Laverne and Muriel McCarville


Saturday, July 31st

Saint Ignatius of Loyola, Priest

     4:00 pm – Blanchardville

         Frank and Mildred Hughes


Sunday, August 1st

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

     8:15 am – Argyle

         Sue Levato


     10:30 am – Hollandale


Liturgical Roles

Saturday, July 17th

Immaculate Conception

Lector: Bev Ryan

Eucharistic: Pat Hardyman


Sunday, July 18th

St. Joseph

Lector: Peg Rasch

Eucharistic: Diana Pederson


St. Patrick

Lector: Cindy Sutter

Eucharistic: Jim Sigg

Saturday, July 31st

     Immaculate Conception

        Lector:  Lisa Sikora

        Eucharistic:  Patty Powers


Sunday, August 1st

     St. Joseph

       Lector:  Dave Stute

       Eucharistic:  Sue Madson


     St. Patrick

       Lector:  Cindy Sutter

       Eucharistic:  Terri Carlson

Reading For Jul 25

1kgs 3:5, 7-12

Rom 8:28-30

Mt 13:44-52

Reading For Aug 1 

Exodus 16:2-4, 12-15

Ephesians 4:17, 20-24

John 6:24-35


Reconciliation: is available:

Immaculate Conception, Blanchardville

     Saturdays: 3:30-3:45


St. Joseph, Argyle

     Tuesdays: 3:30-3:45

     (unless there is no 4pm Mass)


St. Patrick, Hollandale

     Saturday after Mass

Also available anytime upon request

Just call 967-2344

Email: paul_eruva@yahoo.co.in


Getting Married: Please contact Father 6 months before the date.


New baby: Please call to schedule the baptism


In case of serious illness or imminent death:

Call Father Paul any time.

Parish Membership:

To join St. Isidore Parish please contact Father Paul

Bulletin Announcements

     Due by Tuesday Evening

     Send to stisidore@mhtc.net



     Rev. Paul Eruva




Parish Office



     PO Box 37

     Hollandale, WI 53544


Parish Bookkeeper

     Lisa Sikora

     (608) 523-4071


Parish Council President

    John Conway

     (608) 987-4709


The Eucharist is the way Christ chose to continue feeding his people with a miraculous food,

his own flesh and blood.