Monday, Nov. 11                        St Martin of Tours, Bishop

                                                      No Mass

Tuesday, Nov. 12                        St Josaphat, Bishop, Martyr

 4:00 pm

Argyle                                          Lee Zurfluh

Wednesday, Nov. 13                 St Francis Xavier Cabrini, Virgin

8:00 am   Blanchardville          Deceased members of Hughes family

Thursday, Nov. 14

8:00 am   Hollandale                For the good health of Tom Murphy                 Friday, Nov. 15                          St Albert the Great, Bishop, Dr of the Church

 8:00 am   Hollandale              Geraldine Murphy

Saturday,   Nov. 16                   St Margaret of Scotland; St Gertrude, Virgin

4:00 pm    Blanchardville        Lloyd & Erma Magenston


Nov. 17                                      Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

 8:15 am   Argyle                      Hardy & Jane McGowan 

 10:30 am   Hollandale           Bennett, Margaret & Michael Conway

Monday, Nov. 18                     Dedication of the Basilicas of Sts Peter & Paul


                                                  No Mass

Tuesday, Nov. 19

 4:00 pm   Argyle                    John Condon

Wednesday, Nov. 20

8:00 am   Blanchardville       John & Rose Dahman

Thursday, Nov. 21                 The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

8:00 am   Hollandale             Larry Dammen                    

Friday, Nov. 22                       St Cecilia, Virgin Martyr

 8:00 am   Hollandale           Mary Ferrell, Herman Sigg

Saturday,   Nov. 23                St Clement I, Pope, Martyr; St Columban, Abbot;                                                   Blessed Miguel Agustin Pro, Priest, Martyr

4:00 pm   Blanchardville      Dale & Marcella Sporle


Nov. 24                                   Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

 8:15 am   Argyle                   Elizabeth Larson

10:30 am  Hollandale           Jim Toay


Readings For Nov 17

Mal 3:19-20a

    2 Thes 3:7-12

Lk 21:5-19

Readings For Nov 24

2 Sm 5:1-3

       Col 1:7-12-20

      Lk 23: 35-43





 If you are new to our parish or just visiting, 

 Reconciliation:  is available:

 Immaculate Conception, Blanchardville

     Saturdays : 3:30-3:45

St. Joseph, Argyle

     Tuesday : 3:30-3:45

     (unless there is no 4pm Mass)

St. Patrick, Hollandale

      Saturday after Mass

Also available anytime upon request Just call 967-2344

Getting married:  Please contact Father 6 months before your date.

New baby:  Please call to schedule  the baptism

In case of serious illness or imminent death

Call Father Paul any time. 608-967-2344

Parish Membership:  To join  our parishes please contact Father Paul

Bulletin Announcements:  Due on Tuesday evening

Lay Ministers Schedule


        Nov. 16 & 17


        Immaculate Conception

                Gifts: Joanne Kainz & daughter

                Reader: Judy Zimmerman

                Eucharistic: Dennis Bohn


        St. Joseph

                Servers: Mike

                Gifts: Sara Erickson family

                Reader: Dave

                Eucharistic: Sue


        St. Patrick

                Servers: Volunteers

                Gifts: Volunteers

                Reader: Lee Fahrney

                Eucharistic: Marilyn Fahrney

       Nov. 23 & 24


       Immaculate Conception

                Gifts: James & Mary Lee

                Reader: Lisa Sikora

                Eucharistic: Judy Zimmerman


       St. Joseph

                Servers: Claire

                Gifts: Patty N. & Julie M.

                Reader: Lydia

                Eucharistic: Judy


       St. Patrick

                Servers: Volunteers

                Gifts: Brad Tisch family

                Reader: Cindy Sutter

                Eucharistic: Lynn Hendrickson

Saint Michael Prayer

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly hosts, by the power of God, cast into hell Satan, and all the evil spirits, who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

Weddings & Baptisms


Please contact Father Paul Eruva to discuss planing of your special events


Saints of the Church

St. Cecilia, Virgin, Martyr


In the fourth century a Greek religious romance on the Loves of Cecilia and Valerian was written in glorification of virginal life with the purpose of taking the place of then-popular sensual romances. Consequently, until better evidence is produced, we must conclude that St. Cecilia was not known or venerated in Rome until about the time when Pope Gelasius (496) introduced her name into his Sacramentary. The story of St. Cecilia is not without beauty or merit. She is said to have been quite close to God and prayed often: In the city of Rome there was a virgin named Cecilia, who came from an extremely rich family and was given in marriage to a youth named Valerian. She wore sackcloth next to her skin, fasted, and invoked the saints, angels, and virgins, beseeching them to guard her virginity. During her wedding ceremony she was said to have sung in her heart to God and before the consummation of her nuptials, she told her husband she had taken a vow of virginity and had an angel protecting her. Valerian asked to see the angel as proof, and Cecilia told him he would have eyes to see once he traveled to the third milestone on the Via Apia (Appian Way) and was baptized by Pope Urbanus. Following his baptism, Valerian returned to his wife and found an angel at her side. The angel then crowned Cecilia with a chaplet of rose and lily and when Valerian's brother, Tibertius, heard of the angel and his brother's baptism, he also was baptized and together the brothers dedicated their lives to burying the saints who were murdered each day by the prefect of the city. As her husband and brother-in-law buried the dead, St. Cecilia spent her time preaching and in her lifetime was able to convert over four hundred people, most of who were baptized by Pope Urban. Cecilia was later arrested and condemned to be suffocated in the baths. She was shut in for one night and one day, as fires were heaped up and stoked to a terrifying heat - but Cecilia did not even sweat. When Almachius heard this, he sent an executioner to cut off her head in the baths. The executioner struck her three times but was unable to decapitate her so he left her bleeding and she lived for three days. Crowds came to her and collected her blood while she preached to them or prayed. On the third day she died and was buried by Pope Urban and his deacons. St. Cecilia is regarded as the patroness of music, because she heard heavenly music in her heart when she was married, and is represented in art with an organ or organ-pipes in her hand. Officials exhumed her body in 1599 and found her to be incorrupt, the first of all incorrupt saints.

St. Francis Xavier Cabrini

St. Frances Xavier Cabrini was born as Maria Francesca Cabrini on July 15, 1850 in Sant' Angelo Lodigiano, Lombardy, Italy. She was born two months premature and the youngest of thirteen children. Unfortunately, only three of her siblings survived past adolescence and Frances would live most of her life in a fragile and delicate state of health. Frances became dedicated to living a life for religious work from a young age and received a convent education at a school ran by the Daughters of the Sacred Heart. She graduated with high honors and a teaching certificate. When Frances was 18, she applied for admission to the religious congregation of the Daughters of the Sacred Heart, but was turned down because of her poor health. Instead, a priest asked her to teach at the House of Providence Orphanage in Cadagono, Italy. She taught at the girls' school for six years and drew a community of women in to live the religious way of life. In 1877, she became Mother Cabrini after she finally made her vows and took the religious habit, also adding Xavier to her name in honor of St. Francis Xavier. h 31, 1889, Frances arrived in New York City along with six other sisters ready to begin her new journey. However, right from the beginning she encountered many disappointments and hardships. The house originally attended for her new orphanage was no longer available, but Frances did not gve up, even though the archbishop insisted she return to Italy. Filled with a deep trust in God and endowed with a wonderful administrative ability, Frances founded 67 institutions, including orphanages, schools, and hospitals, within 35 years dedicated to caring for the poor, uneducated, sick, abandoned, and especially for the Italian immigrants. Her institutions were spread out in places all over the United States, including New York, Colorado, and Illinois. Frances was known for being as resourceful as she was prayerful. She was always able to find people to donate their money, time, and support for her institutions.Eight years later, on December 22, 1917, Frances passed at the age of 67, due to complications from dysentery at the Columbus Hospital, one of her own hospitals, in Chicago, Illinois. Frances has two miracles attributed to her. She restored sight to a child who was believed to have been blinded by excess silver nitrate, and she healed a terminally ill member of her congregation. St. Frances Xavier Cabrini was beatified on November 13, 1938, by Pope Pius XI and canonized by Pope Pius XII on July 7, 1946, making her the first United States citizen to be canonized. Her feast day is celebrated on November 13 and she is the patron saint of immigrants.

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